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Laura for PET

Single software for the complete suite of QC instruments.

Tag Features

  • Single software for the complete suite of QC instruments, radio-detectors, HPLC, GC, radio-TLC, MCA
  • Easy to use
  • Half-life correction
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Automatically generates the QC report


Laura for PET offers the complete QC solution to the busy PET/SPECT production or R&D facility. The software features a single solution for control and data collection from radio detectors, radio TLC scanners, MCAs, GC and HPLC systems. This means users only have one software system to control the instrumentation, collect the data, extract results and report.

All of this is accomplished in one regulatory compliant software package.

Laura for PET supplies the user with clear, easy to interpret data. Values such as percent total calculations for purity checks are easily extracted and reports automatically generated.

Laura for PET provides the highest possible connectivity to support devices and third-party software. Full control of gradient HPLC pumps is now possible, as is connection to autoinjectors and fraction collectors. View our list of supported instruments. More than one HPLC station can be operated by a single PC. Data from TLC analyzers and liquid scintillation counters can be input either directly or via disk transfer to enable data to be compared, interrogated and reported. Laura for PET is the complete radio-chromatography package, and can be used equally effectively to quantify the mass channel (UV or RI etc.) as well as the radioactive channels since it combines many features from conventional chromatography systems such as internal and external standardization and peak skimming.

Laura for PET is unique because it is the only software system that offers support of the complete suite of QC instruments. This means users only have to be familiar with one software system which cuts down on both learning time and production time in the working day.

Item Numbers

0602-0122Laura – PET/SPECT, GLP/GMP compliant software; radiochromatography and spectrum anlysis instrument control and data analysis software. Base License
0602-0123“Laura – Additional Instrument Acquisition License. Needs to be installed on the same PC as the Base License”
0602-0124Laura – Database Mode for increased security – Base License Only
0602-0125Laura – Off-Line / Desktop Evaluation Licence
0602-0126Laura for PET Installation and Training

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