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Synthesis Hot Cell

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Synthesizing Hot Cell
Smart Touch Control Panel
Smart Touch Control Panel2

Designed to accommodate chemical module and accessories.

Tag Features

  • The working chamber is SUS 316 stainless steel with rounded corners to minimize dust accumulation. The external surfaces are SUS 304 stainless steel.
  • 75 mm of lead shields the face of the hot cell. All other sides can be supplied with 60 mm or 75 mm lead shielding.
  • A unidirectional air flow system in the synthesis chamber passes through a HEPA filter to ensure compliance with classes C or B (depending on the lab environment). Exhaust air passes through a charcoal filter.
  • An innovative air vacuum technology system seals the inner containment door to ensure air tightness.
  • The Smart Touch Control Panel integrates all operating functions, real time monitoring information, and readings from the dose calibrator.
  • Two overlapping hinged doors allow full access to the working chamber.
  • A GM detector measures the radioactivity level in the working chamber. When the radiation exceeds a preset safety level the interlock prevents the doors from opening (optional).
  • A video monitor displays the output from CCD cameras installed in the cell.


The Synthesis Hot Cell includes a large interior space to accommodate chemical module (chemical synthesizer) and accessories, such as HPLC detector. Two shielded boxes are equipped on front of the lower level for additional space or transfer box.

Models & Ordering

5730-00020Synthesizing Hot Cell (75/60 mm lead shielding)
5730-00021Synthesizing Hot Cell (75/75 mm lead shielding)


  • External Size: W 112 x D 105 x H 260 cm
  • Internal Size: W 85 x D 70 x H 70 cm
  • Weight: 8200 kg (75/60 mm lead shielding); 9000 kg (75/60 mm lead shielding with 20mm lead shielded side chamber)

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