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Lead-Lined PET Unit Dose Cabinet

Designed to provided a space-efficient work area over a fully shielded storage cabinet.

Tag Features

  • Designed for PET hot labs with limited space
  • Accommodates:
    – Compact L-Block Shield with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
    – PET Sharps Container Shield
    – Lead Brick Cave
    – CRC® Dose Calibrators and most others
  • Sliding shelves for:
    – PET shipping containers
    – Small items
  • Lead shielded on all six sides
  • Key-locked doors


Designed for PET hot labs with limited space, the PET Unit Dose Cabinet provides a space-efficient work area over a fully shielded storage cabinet.

The cabinet requires the 042-433 Compact L-Block with Built-in Dose Calibrator Shield, the 5730-2271 Sharps Container Shield, the 042-434 Lead Brick Cave, and accommodates all of our dose calibrators and many others. The dose calibrator display unit mounts on a stand above the countertop to maximize work space.

The lower cabinet has key-locking doors, two sliding bottom shelves, and two sliding upper shelves. The bottom shelves will accommodate PET shipping containers. The top shelves conveniently store syringes, syringe shields, and other small items. This cabinet is completely shielded on all six sides with .25″, .5″ and 1″ lead, and can stand alone or be grouped with other cabinets.

All cabinets in this product line are built to the industry standard height of 36.5″. All units include a stainless steel countertop incorporating a 0.5″ lip and 4″ backsplash. When ordering multiple units for grouped configuration, a unified countertop may be ordered to provide a continuous work surface.

Upon request, we will factory mount* the L-Block and Sharps Shield in place, eliminating the need for on-site lifting equipment. A simple pallet jack is all that is required to move the unit.

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*Offer applies to the Continental United States only.

Models & Ordering

244-200Cabinet, PET, Unit Dose, .25″ lead
Does not accommodate lead brick cave.
244-205Cabinet, PET, Unit Dose, .25″ lead
Accommodates lead brick cave 042-434

Note: The cabinet is also available with .5″ and 1″ lead shielding. Call for quote.


042-433L-Block Shield, Compact, 1.5″ lead
With built-in Dose Calibrator Shield
042-434Lead Brick Cave, 3-wall, 2″ lead
Fits 042-433 L-Block Shield.
5130-3235CRC®-55t PET Dose Calibrator
039-413Sharps Container, 3.2 qt., 30/pkg
Fits 5730-2271
5730-2271PET Sharps Container Shield

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