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Decontamination Kit

For handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination.


This kit contains all protective clothing, decontaminants and accessories for handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination problems in the lab. Each kit comes in a 13 gallon plastic drum with a radioactive label and can be used for storing radioactive waste.

Contents of Kit

Quantity | Item

1 - 13 Gal EZ-Stor Poly Container with Hinged Lid, White

1 - Vinyl Label “Caution Radioactive Material”

2 - Disposable Zipper Coveralls with Hood

2 pair - Disposable PVC Booties, Yellow, 6 Mil

2 - Half Mask Respirators, 5500 Series, with P100 Hepa Filters

2 pair - Latex Anti-C Gloves

1 - Bottle Decon Hand and Instrument Cleaner with Sprayer

5 - Yellow Polyethylene “Rad” Bags, 18" x 24", .004 Mil

1 - Roll Yellow Tape with Magenta Lettering, “Radioactive Material”, with Radiation Symbol

1 each - Sponge Mop, Pail, Dustpan and Brush

2 - Yellow Warning Signs with Magenta Lettering, “Caution Contaminated Area” with Radiation Symbol

1 - Roll 3 Strand “Rad” Rope, 5/16" x 50', Yellow/Yellow/Magenta

1 - Pack of 50 Test Wipe Smears

1 - Disposable Tong

Models & Ordering

0601-0019Decontamination Kit, Complete

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