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PET Bio-Safety Cabinet

Shielded LAF & Fume Hoods

Shielded hoods for any application

Tag Features

  • Shielding applications 1 in. (25 mm) lead and 2 in. (50 mm) PET thick shielding
  • Choice of top mounted mobile body shield or sliding L-Block with leaded glass window
  • Flush mounting for dose calibrator ion chambers
  • Environmental shielding for dose calibrator or other equipment
  • 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, and 6 ft configurations available
  • Optional shielded waste cave available


Capintec™ provides custom shielding for a wide range of hoods and enclosures. Whether you require an inch of lead surrounding a work area or 2 in. of PET thick shielding and an integral body shield for quality assurance or dose preparation, we can provide a shielded hood for your applications.

Fully shielded Biological Safety Cabinet and Radioisotope Fume Hoods feature a mobile body shield with lead glass, to view the working area while protecting the worker. The mobile body shield can be moved to allow replacement of filters and for certification and servicing the hood. The mobile body shield moves smoothly into place or out of the way. Detailed drawings and specifications for typical designs are available to assist your efforts. Drawings for custom configurations are available on request.

Models & Ordering

5730-303424’ Shielded A2 Bio-Safety Cabinet with Sliding L-block
5730-303464’ Shielded B2 Bio-Safety Cabinet with Sliding L-block
5730-303506’ Shielded A2 Bio-Safety Cabinet with Sliding L-block
5730-303546’ Shielded B2 Bio-Safety Cabinet with Sliding L-block

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