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511 Adjustable L Block Table Top Shield

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511 L Block MASKED1

Designed to exceed the basic requirement of outstanding radiation protection.

Tag Features

  • Adjustable lead glass window from 30-55 degrees.
  • Clear glass covering to protect lead glass from chipping and scratching.
  • Steel construction for strength and stability.
  • Adjustable window angle of 30-55 degrees with respect to vertical.


Capintec is very pleased to introduce our first Adjustable 511 L Block Table Top Shield. Designed to exceed the basic requirement of outstanding radiation protection, it now also boasts the luxury of an adjustable lead glass window for greater work area flexibility. The front wall shields with 2 3/8″ thick lead and the window is 4″ thick lead glass, with a clear glass cover to protect it from scratching. The front, base and glass frame are each constructed of high gauge steel for superior strength and stability.

Use the Adjustable L Block as a stand-alone unit. The optional Brick Kits (for side and back wall protection) will provide the perfect finishing touch for your 511 Adjustable L Block.

The 511 “L” Block Shield is shipped in three pieces and easily assembled on site. Side walls are available as an option.

Models & Ordering

5530-2077511 Adjustable “L” Block Shield

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