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Figleaf Gonad Shields

Protect female reproductive organs during pelvic radiography, angiography and fluoroscopy.


Proper shielding is vital to any woman of childbearing age and her offspring. The Figleaf Gonad Shields effectively protect female reproductive organs during pelvic radiography, angiography and fluoroscopy. Unlike most shielding devices for the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes, our Figleaf Gonad Shields DO NOT obscure diagnostically important surrounding bone structures.

Maximum Protection

Figleaf Shields provides the protective shielding of 1 mm lead equivalency and consistently blocks a minimum of 65% of all direct-beam radiation to gonadal tissues and significantly reduces scatter to vital organ areas.

How To Use The Figleaf

Proper positioning of the Figleaf Shield places the shield’s vertical line directly on the mid-sagittal line of the patient’s abdomen – with the bottom edge of the shield aligned 1/2" (1.3 cm) to 3/4" (2.0 cm) above the pubic symphysis. When properly positioned, the Figleaf Shield is secured to close-fitting undergarments with microspore tape for best results.

Selection of the correct-size Figleaf Shield is based upon the patient’s abdominal thicknesses. When the Figleaf Shield is positioned on the patient, the shield is separated by some distance from the ovaries and by an even greater distance from the X-ray film surface. This causes magnification of the shield shadow at the level of the ovaries and even more magnification at the film surface. By factoring magnification, a small Figleaf Shield can be used to give complete gonadal shielding without obscuring pelvic bone.

Note: Product contains lead. Handle with gloves and avoid skin contact.

Models & Ordering

117-808Gonad Shields, Figleaf, 3/set

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