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Compact PET Shipping System for One Unit Dose Pig

Designed to conserve space and minimize weight.

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Compact PET Shipping System for One Unit Dose Pig consists of:

  • PET Unit Dose Pig
  • Absorbent sheets
  • Shipping container with lead shielding

The PET Unit Dose Pig is encapsulated in durable, high-impact Lexan and polypropylene:

  • Single twist thread to open and close
  • No exposed lead
  • Compatible with automatic washing equipment


For Shipping Syringes With or Without Needles Attached

This Compact PET Shipping System transports one 3 cc or 5 cc dose containing high-energy radionuclides such as FDG F-18. Dose syringes fit into the pig with or without an attached needle. Designed to conserve space and minimize weight, the shipping container weighs less than 40 lbs. An important feature is that the shipping container can be left at a convenient height while the pig (9 lbs) can be easily removed from the container. The pig is then placed behind an L-Block Shield for dose loading and unloading.

The 001-785 Unit Dose Pig is encapsulated in durable, high-impact Lexan and polypropylene, making the pig durable, easy to clean and compatible with automatic washing systems. A single twist opens or closes the pig, reducing handling time.

The system meets DOT Yellow II Type A packaging requirements when shipping up to 500 mCi (18.5 GBq) of FDG F-18.

For pet

Models & Ordering

001-786Shipping System, PET, Single

For single Unit Dose Pig. Includes 001-785 Unit Dose Pig, absorbent sheets and Shipping Container with lead shielding.


001-785Pig, Unit Dose, PET, 3/5 cc, .5″ lead

Accommodates syringes with or without needle. Note: Each Pig is sold in multiples of three.


001-284Pig Rack, PET
001-730Cart, Transport, PET Shipping System
001-771Sheets, Absorbent, 100/pkg
001-726Tags, Wire Security, 25/pkg

Used to identify unauthorized access.

001-721Document Protector, 100/pkg

U.S. Patent No. 6,586,758
U.S. Patent No. 6,822,253
U.S. Patent No. 6,963,073
U.S. Patent No. 7,019,317

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