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Beta Syringe Shield

Tag Features

  • Lead and plastic shielding, designed for Beta
  • Clear plastic window
  • Fits most disposable syringes
  • Suitable for Alpha emitting therapy agents
  • Ideal for Theranostics


This Beta Syringe Shield reduces hand exposure from syringes containing beta-emitting radiopharmaceuticals such as those used in Theranostics and Therapeutics. The barrel of the syringe shield is constructed of clear plastic, which attenuates Beta emission. The .062” thick embedded lead lining attenuates Gamma emission and errant bremsstrahlung. The viewing window provides clear visibility when drawing and administering a dose. A thumbscrew holds syringes firmly in place.

The Beta Syringe Shields accommodate the standard sized 1 cc, 10 cc and 20 cc syringes.

Syringe shields are not universal and may not fit all syringe manufacturers. Please check dimensions to assure proper fit.

For Zevalin
For Beta

Models & Ordering

007-956Syringe Shield, Beta, 1 cc
007-957Syringe Shield, Beta, 10 cc
007-958Syringe Shield, Beta, 20 cc

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