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RadLite™ Cobalt-57 Flood Sources

Used to test the response uniformity of gamma cameras to ensure camera response is consistent over the total head area(s).

Tag Features

  • Lightweight, slim design
  • Dual head quality control acquisition
  • Expiration life up to 24 months


The RadLite Cobalt-57 Flood Source features a slim, lightweight design. Cobalt-57 is uniformly dispersed in an epoxy matrix fully sealed in a high integrity ABS encapsulation. Radionuclide purity is greater than 99.9% (combined Co-56/Co-58 is less than 0.08% at source reference date).

The flood sources are supplied with a uniformity test statement, wipe test certificate, handling and storage information and a custom decay calendar. An optional Radshield case and Radscooter are available.

Models & Ordering

043-840Flood Source, Rectangular, 10 mCi
043-845Flood Source, Rectangular, 20 mCi
043-860Flood Source, Cardiac, Rectangular, 10 mCi

A photocopy of your NRC or Agreement State License must accompany orders for radioactive sources and must clearly indicate your authority to possess the source being ordered.

Not available for export.


043-841Case, Flood Source, Radshield
For 043-840, 043-845
For 043-840, 043-845

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