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Reference Standards

Guaranteed accuracy, highest quality and lowest cost in the industry.

Tag Features

  • High-quality sources
  • Lowest cost available
  • Guaranteed accuracy within 5%
  • Ensures that your dose calibrator meets NRC/Agreement State QC requirements
  • Daily 18-month decay calendar
  • Purchase individually or in sets
  • Return policy eliminates expense of disposal


Each “E”-vial reference source comes with a certificate of radioactivity calibration that guarantees accuracy within 5%. The critical nature of NRC and Agreement State regulations for dose calibrator QC demand the most accurate reference sources available.

Reference sources can be purchased individually, or in cost-effective sets of three or four. Sets come in various combinations of radionuclide sources to fit your needs. An 18-month day-to-day decay calendar is available to eliminate calculations.

If you need a reference source with an activity not listed in this catalog, Capintec can meet your special request promptly. Capintec will arrange for disposal of the original source with purchase of a replacement source.

Models & Ordering

0975-0006Co-57 vial- 5 mCi
0975-5710Co-57 vial- 10 mCi
0975-0002Cs-137 vial- 100 µCi
0975-3720Cs-137 vial- 200 µCi
0975-3725Cs-137 vial- 250 µCi
0975-0003Ba-133 vial- 250 µCi
0975-0008Reference Source Set- Co-57 (5 mCi), Co-60 (100 µCi),
Cs-137 (200 µCi), Ba-133 (250 µCi)

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