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CT Head and Body Dose Phantom

Phantoms that can be used with any CT system designed to image both head and body.


Allows the user to calculate:

  • Computed Tomography Dose Index (CTDI)
  • Dose profile

The CT Dose Phantoms were designed in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration’s performance standard for diagnostic x-ray systems, which includes regulations specifically applicable to CT systems (21 CFR 1020.33).

These phantoms can be used with any CT system designed to image both head and body. They can separate dose information for each. When performing dose profile measurements, the dose phantoms allow the user to collect information for the maximum, minimum and mid-range value of the nominal tomographic section thickness.

This essential phantom consists of two parts: a body phantom and a head phantom. Both are made of solid acrylic, 15 cm thick, with diameters of 32 cm and 16 cm respectively. Each part contains five probe holes, one in the center and four around the perimeter, 90° apart and 1 cm from the edge. The inside diameter of the holes is 1.31 cm. Each part includes five acrylic rods for plugging all the holes in the phantom.

The CTDI can be measured

  • At the axis of rotation of the phantom
  • Along a line parallel to the axis of rotation and 1.0 cm interior to the surface of the phantom
  • For each selectable CT condition of operation that varies either the rate or duration of x-ray exposure
  • At the location coincidence with the maximum CTDI at 1 cm interior to the surface of the dosimetry phantom for each selectable peak tube potential

Meets FDA Performance Standards!

Component Weights: Body Phantom, 32 lbs, head phantom, 8 lbs

CT Head Dose Phantom, with Five Plugs

Models & Ordering

0695-0113CT Head Dose Phantom
0695-0114CT Body Dose Phantom

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