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PET Phantom NEMA 2012

Consists of a body phantom, a fillable lung insert and an insert with six various size spheres that are fillable from the outside of the phantom.


2012 NEMA Standards, ideal for whole-body PET.

  • Complies with NEMA 2012 Standard
  • Simulation of whole-body imaging using PET and camera-based coincidence imaging techniques
  • Evaluation of reconstructed image quality in whole-body PET and camera-based coincidence imaging
  • Determination of the coincidence count rate characteristics in brain and cardiac imaging
  • Evaluation of the relationship between true coincidence count rate and radioactivity
  • Determination of the address errors caused by address pile up
  • Evaluation of the count loss correction scheme

Models & Ordering

043-767Phantom, PET, NEMA 2012/IEC 2008

Performance Measurements of Positron Emission Tomographs,
NEMA Standards Publication No. NU2, National Electrical
Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Washington, DC, 2012

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