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Ultra Ring

Extremity Dosimeter

Rings and fingertip dosimeters are ideal for low or high energy beta, X-ray or gamma radiation monitoring of hands and fingers.

Single Chip nLiF:Mg, Ti (TLD100 loose chip)

Tag Features

  • Strong hard plastic construction
  • Added durability
  • Available in three sizes


Varying Sizes

Ring dosimeters vary in sizes from small to extra large to accommodate a variety of finger sizes.


Flexible, smooth plastic design enables just enough give to make it easy to wear and comfortable over or under gloves.

Easy Identification Labeling

Readable labels make it easy to determine which ring belongs to each user.

Technical Specifications

Ultra and Flex Rings


Single chip of nLiF:Mg, Ti

(TLD100 loose chip)

Badge Type

18 = Ultra and Flex Ring

Holder Type

Ultra Ring:

HS = Small size 6-8; red

HM = Medium size 7-9; black

HL = Large size 10-14; blue

RF = Flex Ring One size = Velcro strap


Ultra Ring:

NVLAP (Code: 100555-0)

CNSC (Canada)

Flex Ring:

NVLAP (Code: 100555-0, Photon Only)

Minimum Reportable Dose

20 mrem (0.20 mSv)

Useful Dose Range

20 mrem - 1000 rem (0.20 mSv -
10 Sv)

Energy Response

Ultra Ring:

Photon 20 keV - 6 MeV

Beta 0.251 MeV - 5 MeV

Flex Ring:

Photon 20 keV - 6 MeV

Beta 0.251 MeV - 5 MeV***


The Ultra and Flex Rings cannot be


*** Not accredited for personnel monitoring.

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