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BeOSL ezClip and ezCase

Partial Body Solution

The BeOSL ezClip is a single BeO detector element and ready to be paired with our BeOSL Ring Dosimeter and Eye Lens Dosimeter. Fit in the ezCase, the BeOSL ezClip can be handled exactly like the whole body dosimeter; it allows the user to read, erase and prepare the ezClip.

Tag Features

  • Available to wear with finger ring and eye lens dosimeter
  • Compatible with both new and existing BeOSL systems
  • Various adapters available


In our modern world, partial body dosimeters are becoming increasingly more important to ensure accurate dose measurements of various appendages including hands, fingers and eyes. Research and recent trends show that the need for these types of measurements will only further increase in the future. As medical and industrial technologies continue to develop, partial body radiation dose measuring will become a necessity.

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