Radiac LLR Vehicle

Radiac System for Vehicles or Shelters
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Radiac LLR Vehicle

Radiac System for Vehicles or Shelters
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Military grade nuclear radiation monitoring for vehicle based applications

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  • Smart detector for inside and outside monitoring from Low Level Radiation to radiac threat levels
  • Flexible implementation
  • Low size and weight for implementation in space critical vehicle
  • Fast response time
  • Dose rate, mission accumulated dose and vehicle accumulated dose
  • High reliability, qualified to MIL standards, EMP and TREE protected
  • Two alarms, dose rate and mission dose
  • Adjustable thresholds over full measurement range
  • Local and remote alarms (with display unit)
  • Adjustable correlation/protection factors
  • History record of measurements and events
  • Flexible display and sound modes
  • Interfaces with Vehicle Management System and alarm system
  • Flexible mounting options (display unit): top or roof/wall mount
  • Provided with configuration software tool


This RADIAC system allows real-time nuclear radiation monitoring in on-board or fixed applications. It detects and measures gamma radiation down to low levels (L.L.R) and provides alarm indication.

  • Detection and crew protection (ALARA concept)
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles (NBC Recce, AFVs/IFVs, soft skinned)
  • Flexible implementation either with or without display unit.

Covers broad range of threats:

  • Tactical operations
    • direct exposure to gamma radiation
    • gamma radiation issued from contamination
  • Peace keeping missions
    • Unprotected or orphan sources
  • Technological hazard
    • Point sources and spread contamination
  • Terrorism
    • Radiological Dispersal device (RDDs)

According to recommendations & meets requirements of:

  • NATO AC/225 – D/104recommendations
  • AEP-14
  • IEC 532


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