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Radiac LLR Vessel

Radiac System for Vessels

Military grade nuclear radiation monitoring for ship based applications.

Tag Features

  • Detection and warning of Nuclear radiation for ships operating in a NBC threat environment
  • Complies with ANEP-57
  • NATO references
  • Real-time monitoring of the nuclear radiation hazard inside and outside the ship (airframe, decks, NBC filtration units)
  • Operates fixed mounted and portable detection units
  • Includes RADIAC software for data acquisition, display and warning at the NBC console
  • Crew dose management
  • Interface with the on-board integrated platform management system
  • Open system, allows extensions


This system is based on Radiac LLR probes connected to RADIAVIEW management software operated from the NBC console. Individual dosimeters and portable survey meter can be also managed by the system.

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