Radiation Monitoring Systems

Mirion Technologies offers a complete range of safety-related fixed and mobile radiation monitoring systems, from simple on the shelf equipment to large scale complex bespoke projects, for nuclear energy production, nuclear research reactors, the fuel cycle, nuclear marine propulsion and other specialist industries. Designed for optimum upgradability, the RAMSYS and CAMSYS range benefit from long-term efficiency, excellent continuity and continual improvement.

Area Monitoring

Monitors to measure site-specific levels of alpha, beta, gamma, or neutron radiation.

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Effluent Release Monitoring

Modularized and reliable effluent monitors.

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Operational Process Monitoring

Instruments to monitor radioactivity in pipes, ducts, filters, tanks, or in general areas.

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Containment Systems

Cost-effective steam generator leak monitors. 

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Post-Accident Facility Management

Equipment developed and qualified for post-accident operations in the nuclear facilities.

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Customized Solutions

Wide range of high-qualified, customized solutions for worldwide nuclear applications as radiation monitoring and neutron flux measurements.

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