RE 2000A™

TLD Dosimeter Reader
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RE 2000A™

TLD Dosimeter Reader
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Low cost and high precision TLD-reader for automatic or manual processing.

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  • Modern all in one TLD Dosimetry solution for personal dosimetry, clinical dosimetry and environmental monitoring.
  • Automatic processing of up to 200 dosimeter cards or 800 single TL-elements at one load.
  • The maximum processing speed is 132 single elements or 82 two element cards per hour.
  • High measurement reproducibility with standard industrial N2 -heating
  • Cooled PMT and built in self diagnostics guarantee high measurement stability
  • Automatic calibration capabilities with user friendly software
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance –No highly trained service personnel needed


RE-2000A system is a universal, low cost and high precision TLD-reader for automatic processing of dosimeter cards and single TLD chips. The photon counting method used over the whole measurement range provides an excellent signal to noise ratio for the measurement. This makes the reader suitable for all forms of personal dosimetry, and for the full range of dose levels from the low ones of environmental monitoring to the high ones of clinical dosimetry. 


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