Beta Probe
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Beta Probe
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The SB-100 probe for measurement of surface contamination is designed to be used with any CSP survey meter.

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  • Beta surface contamination measurement
  • 100 cm2 thin plastic scintillation detector
  • Belongs to CSP™ family
  • Calibration via PC
  • Easy removable grid for decontamination
  • Rugged version for harsh environments


Calibration and QA measurements can be performed directly with the probe, without using an instrument, by connecting the probe to a computer with CANBERRA Smart Probe Software (CSPS™), allowing your instruments to remain deployed in the field. It can also be connected via CSP-COM modules to integrate third party system and behave as a contamination sensor sub-assembly.

Once calibrated, the SB-100 unit is ready to be used as a plug and play probe to start a QA measurement in CPM, DPM, DPM/100 cm2 or c/s, Bq, Bq/cm2. The SB-100 probe connects to the survey meter via a 1.5 meter to 20 meter CSP cable.

SB-100 unit includes a protective grid that is very easy to remove for decontamination. Once the grid is detached, the probe remains operational and the whole assembly stays light tight. The entrance window is attached on a removable metallic frame that is fixed on probe body with flat screws, making it easy to change, reducing the time to service.

The SB-100 probe can use 3 different entrance windows:

  • SB-100/B: Aluminum that guarantees a very good alpha rejection
  • SB-100/A: Mylar that improves beta efficiency but also detects alpha particles
  • SB-100/AR: Mylar with additional very thin grid to add more protection for harsh environment.

The SB-100 probe can be upgraded (probe’s firmware) via CSPS software, a USB cable and a PC.


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Follow CSPS user manual upgrade procedure to load new firmware into CSP probe of interest.

This document describes the changes between previous firmware version and any known issues.

RELEASED VERSION: 91629_A_V-2011-01-24.HEX

· SA20 probe P/N: EM75270
· SA20-2 probe P/N: EM90062
· SA32 probe P/N: EM90666
· SB20 probe P/N: EM74672
· SAB100 probe P/N: EM75864
· SABG100 probe P/N: EM81833
· SA100 probe P/N: EM75863
· SB100/A probe P/N: EM75862
· SB100/B probe P/N: EM82069
· SG1-R probe P/N: EM75860
· SG2-R-A probe P/N: EM75861
· SX2-R-A probe P/N: EM78677
· SPAB15 probe P/N:EM78766

New Features:


Known Isuues:

HV failure not active for SPAB15 probe

The status bit 5, power supply failure, is not functional.


SG1-R and SG2-R probes can show a sporadic saturation due to a timing conflict between the analog to digital conversions made in the probe

The initialization time is now set to 30s instead of 20s. 20s was too short to cover the necessary stabilization time of some SG2-R probe

The period of FRAM integrity check is now set to 30s instead of 20s. Because it is
synchronized with the initialization bit


Need a CSPS version higher than V2.00B to uses the 'firmware update' and 'writing
defaults parameters' functions

Need a Radiagem firmware version higher than V2.19


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