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Desktop Dose Rate and Survey Meter

Avior 2 desktop dose rate and survey meter
Avior 2 002

The AVIOR-2 unit is a versatile alarm desktop, portable or wall-mounted dose rate and survey meter for contamination control and dose-rate assessment.

Tag Features

  • Measurement of contamination and dose rate
  • Two simultaneous probe channels
  • Dual alpha/beta display for each probe
  • Customized alarm setpoint for each connected probe
  • Multiple measurement modes: Frisking,
  • Scaler-Timer and Go/No-go
  • Specific OneHand/OneFoot mode with body detection and automatic background management
  • Manual background deduction for net measurement of contamination
  • Backlit graphical digital display
  • Analog-like bar graph with digital display
  • Backup built-in rechargeable battery with no memory effect
  • Rugged, lightweight and easy to use
  • Upgradable product through firmware upgrade


The extensive experience of Mirion in nuclear measurement combined with valuable feedback from our users, drove us to create a product that better supports situations encountered in the field such as laboratories, industrial sites, nuclear power plants, open air yards, and emergency situations.

The AVIOR-2 meter is equipped with two Canberra™ Smart Probe (CSP™) inputs and features a simultaneous display of both probes. When an Alpha/Beta CSP probe is connected, the display automatically toggles to a dual screen and provides the user with discriminated alpha from beta measurement results, allowing to check and measure for contamination twice as fast as most instruments available on the market.

A dedicated OneHand/OneFoot mode to operate with SAB-250 and SABP- 525 smart probes offers an affordable system to control contamination in areas with limited footprint.

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