Solid-state Camera
Manufactured by: The Characterization Divison
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Solid-state Camera
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Solid-state, long-life camera for High Radiation Environments.

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  • Digital performance, high radiation tolerance(equivalent to tubes)
  • 100Mrad / 1MGy total dose (gamma)
  • High performance solid-state 1 megapixel sensor
  • System-on-Chip flexibility
  • Low cost of ownership, driven by low maintenance and long life
  • Superior picture geometry
  • In air or underwater operation
  • Compatible with existing Mirion control racks and cables


The launch of the Hyperion solid-state camera follows many years of extensive research and development and considerable investment in new technologies. Featuring all new Radiation Tolerant Zoom lens and optics, with integrated pan and tilt, the Hyperion camera has been independently tested to 1MGy with Cobalt-60 sources. Using an FPGA platform based on SoC (System-on-Chip) technology, the Hyperion camera allows upgrades without changing hardware.