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System Camera

High resolution color 'system' camera

Tag Features

  • High performance color picture
  • Pan, tilt, zoom, video and power over three twisted pairs
  • One 19 in. sub-rack to control up to eight cameras
  • 8-channel lighting and microphone sub-racks
  • RS-485 control of sub-racks
  • Change cameras without adjustment
  • Software protocol and hardware can address up to 128 channels of cameras and lighting
  • Seismic qualification available
  • Captions at the source
  • Modular design for easy assembly/install
  • Simple cable
  • Integral version available
  • Option available without pan and tilt
  • Ability to update any channel to a high radiation tolerant channel as required


Mirion Technologies is an experienced world-leading supplier of large turnkey television surveillance systems to the world’s nuclear industry. Major multi-camera system installations are an essential part of the process monitoring requirements for nuclear power stations and waste handling facilities. New safety requirements relating to plant life extensions and new power plant construction demand the use of television systems to continuously monitor machinery and key plant areas within secondary containment.

The C981 camera range has been specifically designed to suit these large multi-camera configurations. Alternatively, single camera channels can be supplied as ideal inspection and surveillance tools.

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