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Software for XOM Readers Data Download and Management

Extracts and stores XOM readers data. Compatible with several readers, it will keep track and sort data per reader.

Tag Features

  • Fast dosimeters preparation for instantaneous field activation without any reader via a single dosimeter button press
  • Dosimeter profile application for pre-configuration of dosimeters, data extraction and report generation
  • Data transfer between several DosiFFR installations
  • Dosimetry data transfer centralization to DosiServ to support multiple locations (option)
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use interface with touch screen support for mobile deployment


DosiXom extracts and stores XOM readers data. It can be used with several readers, it will keep track and sort data per reader.

DosiXOM allows backup of dosimeter events.

It can graphically display dosimeters historical data when read with the XOM reader.

It can also be used to download into the readers preallocation lists in order to be more efficient in the field when assigning the dosimeters.

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