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Transportable Gamma Portal Monitor


The MiniSentry 2 portal monitor is for screening of pedestrians or vehicles for gamma radiation.

Tag Features

Quick and Easy Setup and Operation

  • Gamma portal monitor for rapid deployment and emergency response
  • Quick and easy setup with automatic start-up and operation
  • Simple clean/contaminated status indicator
  • Very little training or expertise in radiation detection needed
  • Weight less than 43 kg (95 lb)

Flexible Solution

  • Suitable for in- and outdoor operation in adverse weather conditions (IP54, -25 °C to 50 °C)
  • Three different measurement modes available (walk-through, enter-wait, count-rate)
  • Powered by battery (>65 hours autonomy1), USB or 100/240 V
  • Ready for connection of additional CSP™ probe (for example, α/β frisker probe SAB-100™ unit or SN-S™ neutron probe)
  • Many options and accessories available

State-of-the-art Radiological Performance

  • Detection of 1 μCi 137Cs (according to FEMA-REP-21)
  • Based on high sensitivity plastic scintillation detectors with 2x 5.3 liters active volume
  • Wide energy range: 30 keV – 2 MeV

1 - with optional battery extension module (P/N: 108181)


The MiniSentry 2 portal monitor is for screening of pedestrians or vehicles for gamma radiation. It is designed to be quickly set up and operated with very little training or expertise in radiation detection technology. This portable system is well-suited for emergency scenarios and security applications.

The monitor provides intuitive clean/contaminated status indication via the integrated LCD screen, LEDs, loudspeaker and an optional LED light tower. The modern firmware is simple to use and provides a comprehensive password protected expert settings menu at the same time. Three different measurement modes (walk-through, enter-wait, count-rate) are available to support various applications. All measurement data can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel-readable *.csv files for further analysis. The background is automatically subtracted and constantly monitored if the light barrier does not sense a person or vehicle occupying the portal. Emphasis has been placed on self-diagnostics both on start-up and during operation to guarantee correct operation.

The MiniSentry 2 monitor is designed to meet the requirements of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA-REP-21) as well as the IEC 62244 standard.

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