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FastTrack-Vehicle™ XL

Large Vehicle Monitor

Vehicle monitor for highest performance requirements.

Tag Features

  • Detectors 6 x 8 liters active volume per monitor side
  • False alarm prevention
  • Excellent detector homogeneity due to fibre technology
  • High sensitivity: 40 kBq (Co-60)
  • Easy assembling: plug & play
  • Web server for remote monitoring
  • Source localization in the vehicle
  • Automatic background subtraction for heavy loaded trucks also in high background


The FastTrack-Vehicle™ XL is setting new standards in radiometric screening of trucks and vehicles.

It delivers a robust performance under circumstances a conventional gamma monitor would produce a false alarm.

The monitor combines the FastTrack technology with highly sensitive GammaFibre™ detectors, making the FastTrack-Vehicle XL a reliable partner for monitoring many vehicles in very short time.

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