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DMC 2000GN™

Personal Electronic Dosimeter

The DMC 2000GN dosimeter has a full neutron energy range with gamma rejection. It has a lightweight, rugged design for a variety of applications.

Tag Features

  • Dose rate and programmable alarms
  • User friendly, lightweight and waterproof
  • Full neutron energy range coverage
  • Very good gamma rejection in neutron channel
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Very large autonomy
  • Hand free communication, pass-by exchange
  • Fully compatible with DMC 2000 hand free readers and dosimetry software


The DMC 2000GN dosimeter takes advantage of a unique licensed neutron detection technology based on a large single diode. The full energy range of thermal, intermediate and high energy neutrons is covered with a high sensitivity and very good gamma rejection, tested up to 6 MeV. In addition, the gamma detection technology, identical to the proven solution of the DMC 2000S unit, allows to measure the gamma dose from 50 keV to over 6 MeV gamma range with a unique linearity to over 10 Sv/h.

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