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LDM 3200™

RCA Entry/Exit Reader

A reader for nuclear industrial purposes

Tag Features

  • Flat and rugged device
  • 10.1” touchscreen
  • Dosimeter sleeve
  • Rugged keypad
  • Configurable languages (with integrated software)
  • Connection to the dosimetry system via Ethernet
  • Downloadable configuration
  • Offline standalone mode with local data backup
  • Digital I/O allowing the control of access control devices (turnstiles/body monitor)
  • Barcode reader


The LDM 3200 unit is a reader dedicated for use by workers, to manage access for entrance/exit radiological controlled areas.

At the entrance of the controlled area, the LDM 3200 reader allows the user to fill in the data required by the dosimetry system and to activate the dosimeter. At the exit of the controlled area, the reader acquires the dosimeter data and transfers it automatically to the dosimetry system.

The reader is compatible with all Mirion Technologies dosimetry systems and can be used in addition to LDM 2000 readers.

The LDM 3200 reader is equipped with a multilingual touchscreen and can get adapted to site-specific badge readers.

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