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Flexible, easy to operate systems that features our RDS-32™ handheld survey meter, they provide the valuable coverage needed to ensure comprehensive data collection around a nuclear facility.

Tag Features

  • Stable, self-contained units to compose an effective boundary monitoring system.
  • Radiation monitors enclosed in NEMA 4X boxes rated to IP65.
  • Onboard WRM2™ radios that readily broadcast to TeleView 3000 software for live monitoring and mapping.
  • Available with an array of power options: solar panels, backup batteries, or AC power.
  • RDS-32 version available with either GM or SD detector options, which additionally can be fitted with any of the wide array of external probes.
  • RDS-32 unit can also be removed from the enclosure for use as needed as a handheld survey meter.


Boundary status monitoring is increasingly important in a post-Fukushima environment. Nuclear power plants and other regulated facilities have to be able to deploy safe, accurate, and efficient means of keeping track of the radiological measurements on the periphery of their sites. Flexible, easy to operate systems that features our RDS-32 handheld survey meter, they provide the valuable coverage needed to ensure comprehensive data collection around a nuclear facility.

Able to be fitted with a variety of power sources, from solar to battery to AC, and able to be networked with WRM2 radios and monitored using the Mirion TeleView 3000 software. The Mirion Perimeter Monitors provide a powerful tool for keeping up with the changing requirements for site boundary monitoring.

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