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With CSP-PL Programming Library, CSP probes can be connected directly to a PC without the need for a survey meter.

Tag Features

  • Provides library of executable functions to communicate with CSP™ probes and CSP-COM™ modules
  • Allows CSP probes measurements acquisition on a PC
  • Allows CSP probes communication with third party software
  • Can connect multiple probes to a PC
  • Can connect remote probes to a PC with CSP-COM range
  • Backwards compatible with all CSP probes


With CSP-PL Programming Library, CSP probes can be connected directly to a PC without the need for a survey meter. Measurements can be directly acquired, stored and displayed in any way that the computer allows. A PC can then act as a survey meter or a scaler/timer or as any instrument based on CSP probes with the appropriate software development.

CSP-PL library provides direct call to function and allows acquisition of the CSP probe measurements on a PC without the need to understand the CSP protocol running all CSP instruments. By combining CSP-PL library with CSP-COM modules, one can connect multiple local probes and /or remote probes to build specific systems and cover applications such as remote monitoring based on combination of different CSP probes covering either dose or contamination.

This programming library supports the third party software with periodical measurement updates after key parameters have been set before starting acquisition. These parameters are:

  • Choice of unit (i.e: c/s, CPM, DPM, Bq, etc…) to display, selection made within the list stored in the probe memory.
  • Enabling or disabling the integrated smoothing algorithm for dose-rate measurement, thus complying with IEC standards.
  • Selection of Alert and Alarm set-points (from probe memory list or directly defined by the software). The software can either control alarm/alert decisions itself or leave this task to the CSP-PL library.
  • Selection of periodical measurement update in CSP-PL library (range from 250 ms up to days).

The host software does not need to pull each probe read-out because CSP-PL library makes each measurement update available for it in computer memory stack, thus leaving only the main display management to the main software.

CSP-PL library also automatically manages CSP-COM module interface, that is:

  • Scanning and discovery
  • Hand-shake
  • Periodical communication
  • Communication lost and re-connection

To prevent compromising probe measurement accuracy, the CSP-PL library does not allow the user to write probe operating parameters or to write calibration parameters.

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