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Radiation Monitoring Alarm Box

The RDS-32 Radiation Monitoring Alarm Box is intended for stationary or fixed installation in premises where people may be exposed to ionizing radiation.

Tag Features

  • Monitoring box for RDS-32 or RDS-31™ Radiation Survey Meters
  • Modular and configurable design
  • Optional dose rate and surface contamination probes
  • Area monitoring applications:
    • via LAN using WRM2™ data transmission prototcol
    • wireless WRM2 solution with iTx meters
  • Web based remote monitoring TeleView 3000 software available


The RDS-32 survey meter is the main instrument and the system can be equipped with external probes. Connector for the probe is included and all RDS-32 versions can be used in the Alarm Box. The RDS-32iTxSD unit is a customized model designed to be used as a stationary meter with radiation angular response focused in the front of the instrument.

There is a transparent cover for the meter, and in probe mode, the results from both the internal and external detector are shown simultaneously in the graphic display.

The box also includes a base (on top) and a connector (on the side) for adding a signaling set with alarm siren and indication/warning lights (green/red).

The Alarm Box can be modified to include potential free changeover contacts for other external alarm equipment or driving external equipment, such as door control units, etc.

The system is powered by 85-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. The internal batteries are used for backup power supply of the meter in case of mains failures (the external alarm equipment are not backed up).

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