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TelePole II™

Telescopic Radiation Survey Meter

The TelePole II meter expands to allow radiation surveys in hard-to-reach areas.

Tag Features

  • Color coded display featuring large easy to read digits
  • Simultaneous display of external and internal detectors
  • Simple multi-layered menu for quick selection of command
  • Optional WRM2™ system communication
  • Integrated BT communication: Alarms(Bracelet) -Reach back -Earphone
  • Aluminum 11’ Pole with quarter turn positive locking mechanism
  • Built in LED to light up dark areas being surveyed
  • Interchangeable “smart” detector capabilities
  • Long battery life (100 hours)
  • IP67 rated meter


The TelePole II instrument is a wide range telescopic survey meter with a measuring range of between 0.05 mR/h to 1000 R/h. It features the same length pole as its predecessor, reaching 11 feet when fully extended. Combined with an integrated LED in the detector head, the TelePole II meter makes it easier than ever to survey components in dark or dimly lit areas.

Capable of working as a standalone instrument, or being integrated into a larger system using an optional onboard WRM2 radio, the TelePole II meter is a valuable radiation survey tool for a modern nuclear facility or other location with out-of-reach radiological concerns.

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