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DMC 3000TD™

Electronic Dosimeter Training Device

The DMC 3000TD unit is a fully functioning simulator of the DMC 3000 electronic dosimeter.

Tag Features

  • Simulates all features and functions of the DMC 3000 dosimeter
  • Built with real DMC 3000 hardware
  • Supports all configurations
  • Provides all alarms and faults
  • Works with DMC 3000 accessories including Transmitter Module
  • Works with manual or automatic dose rate input


The DMC 3000TD unit is a fully functioning simulator of the DMC 3000 electronic dosimeter.

Designed to be an effective and realistic training device, it replicates all dosimeter functions, alarms, and fault displays. It can even be used with existing transmitters and alarm modules, which allows for the training of remote monitoring personnel on how to properly respond to alarm conditions identified by remote monitoring such as with TeleView 3000 software. The DMC 3000TD unit is an invaluable tool in keeping personnel operationally trained on how to use and respond to their electronic dosimeters.

Train your radworkers to operate dosimeter controls and functions, observe any dose and dose rate (up to saturation), recognize and distinguish dose and rate alarms, identify fault and alarm conditions. Train your remote monitoring staff to respond to dosimeter conditions identified by TeleView Remote Monitoring Software.

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