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This ISOCS (In Situ Object Counting System) Shield has been designed as the optimum in convenience and functionality for in situ gamma spectroscopy with a germanium detector.

Tag Features

  • Portable Germanium detector shield system for in situ assays
  • Includes 25 mm and 50 mm thick lead shields
  • Reduces interfering 1000 keV radiation by a factor of 7.5 (25 mm) and 60 (50 mm)
  • Modular design for easy handling
  • Epoxy paint on all exterior surfaces for ease of cleaning
  • Includes 30°, 90°, and 180° collimators (each thickness) plus solid end caps for background measurements
  • Includes a rear shield set (requires RDC option on detector)
  • Wheeled mounting stand with brakes for ease in moving the shield from one sample to the next
  • Large wheels for easy movement: 40 cm (16 in.) at rear, 20 cm (8 in.) in front
  • Upper and lower detector mounting positions, with 180° detector rotation at either location
  • Easy to assemble and to change detector positions
  • Built-in laser aiming device
  • Components from 25 mm and 50 mm shields may be combined to build a sample


This ISOCS (In Situ Object Counting System) Shield (Figure 1) has been designed as the optimum in convenience and functionality for in situ gamma spectroscopy with a germanium detector.

The system is supplied with both 25 mm and 50 mm lead shielding which gives the user the ability to utilize the sensitivity and low background capabilities of a laboratory grade germanium spectrometer directly on site, regardless of where that site is located.

Unshielded, the detector has a nearly 360° field of view, and can be used for 4π counting of the walls/floors/contents of an entire room. The field of view can be reduced (Figure 2) by adding the shield and collimators to provide fields of view of 30°, 90°, and nearly 180° by simply sliding the appropriate shield components on the mounting rails. In addition, a completely shielded sample chamber can be assembled by combining the components from the two systems.

Its standard wheeled mounting frame makes it easy to move the shield to the assay site, and the individual rear wheel brakes keep it at the desired location.

The mounting frame features both an upper (for 1 meter detector/ground counting) and lower (normal) detector mounting location. The detector can be rotated 180° from down to up, and stopped at any position, not just a few fixed positions, for maximum positioning flexibility. The detector holder even includes a laser pointer to aid in aiming the detector at remote objects.

Whatever the sample and wherever it's located, the ISOCS Shield System has the versatility and flexibility to count it.

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