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Continuous Spectroscopic Monitor

The CSM-GR1 Continuous Spectroscopic Monitor is a very small, yet powerful, in situ measurement system based on standard and well-established Canberra™ gamma spectroscopy components.

Tag Features

  • The compact size and remote operation capability of the CSM-GR1 monitor allows it to fit into small spaces while the operator is at a safe distance away
  • Results available immediately – no waiting for sample collection, processing and analysis in the count room
  • Data shows short-term variations in nuclide concentrations that are not discernible with typical 4 or 8 hour grab samples
  • No cooling fans in the electronics eliminates risk of internal contamination
  • Quick installation for minimal dose, with no additional dose incurred during operation
  • User can easily create new efficiency calibrations (pipes, tanks, stacks, etc.) on the PC and upload them to the Data Analyst™ module for immediate use
  • Compatible Mirion WRM2™ Wireless modules and Horizon® Supervisory System software
  • GR1+ unit, shield and PC can be used without the DA module for conventional in situ spectroscopic analysis of plant components:
    • Waste assay – containers and objects
    • Evaluation of spills or leaks
    • Assay of filters
    • As part of an Emergency Response Kit


The CSM-GR1 Monitor includes:

  • GR1+ Compact CZT Spectrometer with 2% FWHM for easy nuclide ID
  • GR1-SHIELD Tungsten Shield and three collimators - only 8.6 kg (19 lb.)
  • GR1-ACC Carbon fiber tripod and carrying case (optional)
  • Data Analyst module with:
    • Trusted Genie™ and ISOCS™ algorithms for data processing and analysis
    • Ability to perform multiple analyses simultaneously with different count times, nuclide libraries, and analysis parameters
    • Web-based GUI for control and data review
    • Support for Mirion Eco-Gamma™ monitor if local dose rate also needed along with spectral data
    • Wired Ethernet, USB and wireless communications
    • GPS for environmental measurement location coordinates
    • Internal memory for local storage of months of spectral results
    • Also compatible with:
      • Lynx® DSA and HPGe detectors
      • Osprey® Tube Base MCA and scintillation detectors
  • PC or Tablet for set-up, results viewing and data archival
    • Requires Genie and ISOCS software for data reanalysis or generation of ISOCS geometry models
    • Allows user to quickly generate new efficiency calibrations using ISOCS software
    • PC connection not necessary for data acquisition as Data Analyst module starts operation upon power up

Applications for which the CSM-GR1 monitor excels include:

  • Determining migration of nuclide species in primary coolant during operation and shutdown
  • Measurement and tracking of radioactive liquid or gas effluents
  • Processing operations such as water clean-up, filter build-up or chemical decontamination
  • Waste processing such as direct resin bed measurements and waste container assay
  • Nuclide identification/quantification in high dose rate glove box measurements
  • Emergency response inside or outside the facility

The CSM-GR1 monitor is the perfect solution for various in situ measurement applications in and around your facility. Its real-time results can augment and/or replace grab sampling and lab counting processes, thus reducing dose and costs while increasing safety.

Reduce dose and get real-time isotopic data for high-activity, in situ measurements with the CSM-GR1 Continuous Spectroscopic Monitor.

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