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High Flow Rate Alpha Beta Air Monitor

Monitoring of airborne alpha and beta particulate activity in applications where higher sample flow rate is required.

Tag Features

  • Continuous monitoring of both alpha and beta activity in air
  • Ambient gamma monitoring using G64™ silicon detector
  • Alpha MCA spectroscopy and separate beta discrimination
  • Good low energy beta detection
  • Compensation algorithms allow alpha and beta measurements to be made in the presence of natural alpha, beta and gamma background
  • One analogue (4-20 mA) input that can be used for external stack airflow measurement
  • Two Ethernet network ports equipped with CENA network firmware
  • Internal electronic airflow rate measurement, with high/low flow alarms
  • Wide range of airflow rates up to 120 liters/minute (7.2 m3/h = 4.2 cfm)
  • Archive data storage up to 75,000 entries
  • RADACS or Horizon® surveillance system compatibility
  • iCAM-HD configuration settings can be viewed and edited using the iConfig software, via an RS-232 connection, or via an Ethernet network connection


The iCAM-HD alpha/beta Continuous Air Monitor provides robust and reliable monitoring of airborne alpha and beta particulate activity in the workplace. It’s an easy-to-use alarming monitor measuring airborne activities in real time, while using sophisticated calculation methods to provide low false alarm rates.

The iCAM-HD unit also provides ambient gamma monitoring when the optional G64 silicon gamma detector is connected.

iCAM-HD monitors measure airborne alpha and beta particulate activity with radon/thoron alpha and beta background compensation and provides dynamic compensation of beta measurements for gamma background. The iCAM-HD monitor has a high detection efficiency for both alpha and beta particles and provides a good sensitivity for low energy beta detection. Two levels of alarm (setpoints) are defined for each of the alpha, beta and gamma measurement variables.

The alarms are fully compensated for the backgrounds from gamma radiations and radon/thoron daughter activities.

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