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Remote Head

The iCAM RH forms part of the CAMSYS product line. The sampling head and detector are separated from main control and display unit.

Tag Features

  • Up to 100 m from head to controller• Amplifiers, Flow and DP measurement all in the head
  • Avoids particulate losses in long sampling pipes
  • Faster response time• Lower pump loading – no pipes between head and controller
  • Allows sampling in inaccessible locations
  • Square format allows mounting with air inlet on top, left or right hand side


The iCAM RH forms part of the CAMSYS product line. In many CAM (Continuous Air Monitor) stack or duct sampling applications the optimum sampling point may be a long distance from a convenient mounting location for the display and control unit. This can lead to the use of long sampling pipes, causing increased losses due to sample deposition in the pipes, and delays in response to releases.

The iCAM Remote Head option provides a solution to both of these problems by allowing the user to separate the sampling head and pump from the control and display unit – by up to 100 m (330 ft) if required. It allows the display unit to be positioned for easy access and best visibility and audibility of the alarms.

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