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RMS 250

Radiation Monitoring System

Highly qualified solutions for nuclear applications.

Tag Features

  • Calibrated monitors for radiation protection and process monitoring assembled with qualified components: detectors, measuring vessels, lead shieldings; cables, signal processing, test equipment


The monitors of the RMS 250 system are designed for fixed installed, safety related measuring channels classified by the German nuclear regulations KTA 1501 and KTA 3501 or similar international regulations.

  • Dose rate monitoring according to KTA 1501 and KTA 1506
  • Monitoring of radioactive aerosols, iodine and noble gases according to KTA 1502 and KTA 1503.1
  • Stack monitoring for post accident conditions according to KTA 1503.2
  • Liquid monitoring according to KTA 1504
  • Dose rate and activity monitoring for research reactors according to KTA 1507
  • N-16 monitoring for detection of steam generator leakages according to KTA 3501

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