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ABPM 203P™

Portable Alpha Beta Particulate Monitor

Lightweight and portable, this monitor can function locally next to the respiratory tract of workers. It has wireless capability: compatible with the WRM2™ system or proprietary protocol.

Tag Features

  • Static and dynamic compensation of the radon and thoron solid progenies
  • Dynamic gamma background compensation
  • Natural alpha and beta volumetric activity indication
  • Integrated spectrometry
  • Version: fixed or movable filter
  • Version: with or without pump unit
  • RADNET compatible
  • Ethernet connection
  • Version for stack and vent sampling
  • Version optimized for low energies
  • Wireless capability: compatible with WRM2 or proprietary protocol


The ABPM 203P monitor forms part of the RAMSYS™ product line. It has been developed for continuous monitoring of alpha and beta activity in workplace atmosphere.

Its compact detector allows this monitor to work locally next to workers respiratory tracts. A double and large silicon detector performs the gamma compensation. A radial fin grid limits the scattering of the alpha particulates and facilitates radon and thoron solid progenies compensation. Adapted algorithms make a dynamic compensation.

The spectrometry capability in real time allows immediate and easy isotope identification in case of alarm. All these benefits give the ABPM 203P monitor the best quality/price ratio of all continuous air monitors with incomparable flexibility.

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