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PIS 203S™

Shielded Particulate and Iodine Sampler

The PIS 203S iodine sampler samples air effluents under accident conditions. Shielded for ALARA purposes and for use under accident conditions and with dual unit capability.

Tag Features

  • Available for batch or continuous sampling acquisition version (single or dual PIS 203S units)
  • Automatic start up in accident configuration
  • Heat tracing available when required
  • Provided with manipulation tools and lead shielded transport cart
  • Heavily shielded for ALARA radiation considerations
  • Available under 10 CFR 50 App.B, ASME NQA-1 and IEC61226 programs for safety related application


The PIS 203S sampler forms part of the RAMSYS™ product line. It has been developed to sample air Effluents under accident conditions conforming to the requirements set forth by RG 1.97. One sampler for batch sampling or dual samplers for continuous sampling are available with or without heat tracing. The sample flow rate through the sampler is measured and totalized. The collected activities of particulates and iodine are periodically analyzed in a laboratory as needed. The PIS 203S sampler is typically used in conjunction with noble gas monitor and an aeraulic skid that automatically control the operation from standby to active sampling as applicable.

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