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SGLM 202K™

Steam Generator Leak Rate Monitor

Monitoring steam generator leak rate in PWR nuclear power plants by measuring ¹⁶N activity

Tag Features

  • 16N monitoring when reactor power exceeds 25%
  • Gross gamma energy monitoring when reactor power < 25%
  • Spectrum stabilization against temperature and aging drifts
  • 16 selectable windows over the range covered
  • 1024-channel analysis
  • Available with or without display and local signaling
  • Seismically qualified
  • More than 800 SGLM channels in operation worldwide
  • Designed for 1E mild environment conditions


The SGLM 202K monitor forms part of the RAMSYS product line. It has been designed to detect and quantify leaks between the primary and the secondary circuits of a steam generator in a nuclear power plant. It operates on the principle that radioactive nitrogen (16N) produced in the reactor core during operation crosses into the secondary circuit through a steam generator tube crack (or hole). The 16N is carried away by the steam and is detected in the main steam line (MSL) outside containment.

For the SGLM 202K version: the NaI(TI) detector is enclosed inside a 2 π / 5 cm (2”) thick lead shielding to ensure protection against the ambient gamma background noise. This detector has no thermal insulation.

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