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SGLM 202K™

Steam Generator Leak Rate Monitor

The SGLM 202K monitors steam generator leak rate in VVER nuclear power plants by measuring 16N volume activity. The NaI scintillator is embedded in a 2 π 2’’ lead shield.

Tag Features

  • 16N monitoring when reactor power exceeds 25%
  • Gross gamma energy monitoring when reactor power <25%
  • Spectrum stabilization against temperature and aging drifts
  • 16 selectable windows over the range covered
  • 1024 channels analysis
  • Available with or without display and local signaling
  • Seismically qualified
  • More than 800 SGLM channels in operation worldwide
  • Defined for mild environment conditions


The SGLM 202K monitor from the RAMSYS™ product line has been developed for steam generator leak rate monitoring in WWER nuclear power plants.

The 16N volume activity (in counts per second/Cps) measured by a NaI scintillation detector inside a lead shielding facing the live steam line is converted to Bq/m3 (or μci/cc) through a coefficient calculated from Monte Carlo analysis on the basis of relevant data provided by the user. An algorithm which is based upon thermal hydraulic transport phenomena modeling uses the measured 16N activity, the reactor power, the steam flow rate and the transport time (in the primary and in the secondary loop) to assess the steam generator leak rate.

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