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DLK 250™

Digital Power Distribution Channel

Working with self-powered neutron detectors to monitor local neutron flux distribution and features background compensation, calibration, and noise reduction.

Tag Features

  • Three or six signal paths per channel
  • Input currents of 1μA with differential amplifier
  • Suppression of fluctuations combined with short response time
  • Digital calibration and off set compensation
  • Calculation of the mean value and generation of a substitute signal for a faulty detector
  • Remote test signals for the inputs and simulation of the output signals
  • Digital adjustable parameters, lockable and non volatile
  • RS232/485 data interface for calibration and data transfer


The DLK 250 digital power distribution channel forms part of the proTK™ product line. It has been designed for local neutron flux distribution monitoring in the power range in combination with self powered neutron detectors. Hardware and software of the DLK 250 channel are designed and qualified for applications at the level of the reactor protection system.

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