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Alpha Analyst™

Integrated Alpha Spectrometer

The Alpha Analyst system along with Apex-Alpha™ software is the complete solution for both routine and non-routine alpha spectroscopy applications.

Tag Features

  • Completely integrated alpha spectroscopy instrument
  • 100% computer controlled electronics and vacuum
  • Automatic recoil suppression control
  • Modular for ease of expansion
  • Straightforward sample oriented graphical user interface
  • Clean vent port to reduce moisture and contamination buildup in chambers
  • Extensive QA record keeping built in
  • Connects directly to Ethernet network
  • Optional calibration services and startup


The Mirion Alpha Analyst along with Apex-Alpha™ software is the complete solution for both routine and non-routine alpha spectroscopy applications. This flexible Alpha Spectroscopy System is designed to operate the way you do – whether that’s counting samples in a production “batch mode” environment or one sample at a time in a research type environment.


The Alpha Analyst system is a turnkey instrument solution from Mirion. It is available with a full suite of integration, installation, calibration, training, and consulting services that let you begin productive sample counting soon after set up.

Traditionally, the user of an alpha spectroscopy system might spend large amounts of time integrating components, setting up hardware and software, building analysis procedures, calibrating, training operators and writing standard operating procedures. With the Alpha Analyst unit and the full suite of calibration services performed by a trained expert, the instrument will be ready to begin processing samples in only a couple of days.


The Alpha Analyst system uses Apex-Alpha lab productivity software. Apex-Alpha software is the ultimate alpha spectroscopy software package for automating Alpha Analyst detector set-up and calibration, quality assurance, sample analysis and reporting activities in large or small alpha spectroscopy laboratories. This software package brings the productivity gains to alpha spectroscopy that the Apex® Lab Productivity Suite has brought to gamma spectroscopy for a number of years.

With Apex-Alpha software, the complete status of your Alpha Analyst is available at a glance. Click – and find all the batches waiting to be counted. Log samples into the system from any location where the information is known, such as from the radiochemistry laboratory or other sample log-in area. Let Apex-Alpha software enforce your calibration /QA schedules and monitor QA results – and automatically take the appropriate action if something goes wrong.

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