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Detectors for Charged Particles

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Lithium drifted Silicon detectors to address the need for better detection efficiency for high energy charged particles.

Tag Features

  • Designed for highly penetrating charged particles measurements at room temperature
  • Better stopping power than implanted silicon PIPS  detectors: up to 3 MeV Betas, 30 MeV protons, 140 MeV Alphas. More if detectors are stacked
  • Designs for LN2 cooled applications like conversion electron spectroscopy
  • As an option:
    • Thin back contact available (transmission option) for the dE/dx measurement or stack arrangement with connector on the side
    • Special dimensions, shapes, connectors
    • Segmentation: pixels or strip / single or double sided



  • As a standard two active areas 200 mm2 and 500 mm2
  • As a standard two thicknesses 2 mm and 5 mm.
  • Other dimensions or shapes are available on request
  • Gold entrance window 0.2 μm equivalent silicon
  • Lithium back contact 300 μm. As an option a thin 50μm contact is possible for transmission mode (deltaE) )
  • Circular Stainless Steel mounts
  • SMA female connector at the back of the housing


  • The detectors can be operated either under vacuum or atmospheric pressure
  • They must be used in darkness
  • Maximum count rate 100 k count per sec at 524 keV electrons

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