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Genie™ Bridge Spectrum Viewer Software

Genie Bridge Spectrum Viewer is the ideal way to achieve advanced spectroscopic analysis with the GR1™ and SIGMA™ family detectors.

Tag Features

  • Connect to GR1 and SIGMA family spectrometers for easy device control and spectral acquisition
  • Interactive ROI Analysis
  • Load/apply energy and shape calibration
  • Generate CNF files
  • Streamlined spectral export to Genie™ software for advanced analysis


Genie Bridge Spectrum Viewer is available as a free download using the button below and is compatible with all current Genie analysis versions and the ISOCS™/LabSOCS™ mathematical efficiency packages.

This lightweight application allows users to connect to the detector and acquire a spectrum, and then export directly to Genie software for full spectrum analysis and interface with ISOCS efficiency calibrations.

Installation, device connection, and Export-to-Genie functions all can be done with just a few mouse clicks:

Device Connection: Connecting to a detector is extremely easy. Simply insert the detector’s USB connection cable into the computer’s USB port and launch the Genie Bridge application. Select File, then Connect, and choose the detector from drop down list of Discovered Devices. Then start acquiring!

Device Configuration: The user can also adjust the lower level discriminator (LLD) to reduce low end noise and apply an energy or shape calibration. All other settings are preconfigured in the device itself, so no other adjustments or inputs are needed.

Spectrum Analysis & Export: Create an ROI in Genie Bridge Spectrum Viewer simply by dragging the mouse from left to right over a region. An ROI will automatically be created, and the data tab will update with metrics for the peak, such as: number of counts, centroid, FWHM, and more.

To analyze the spectrum, Export to Genie is done with just three clicks:

  1. Select File, then Export to Genie
  2. Provide a spectrum name & Save
  3. Genie is automatically opened with the spectrum loaded and ready for analysis

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