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The PIPSBOX is a detector designed for atmospheric radioxenon monitoring. 

Tag Features

  • Two 1200 mm2 PIPS® detectors
    • Active area: 2 x 1200 mm2
    • Chip thickness: 500 μm
  • Low background housing
  • Radiological standards for RIIDs and RIDs
  • Carbon windows
  • Preamplifier with two channels


  • Electronic resolution per detector: <13 keV at 2 μs shaping time
  • Leakage current per detector: <50 nA at room temperature


The system is able to measure the four relevant xenon radioactive isotopes using a high resolution detection system operating in electron-photon coincidence mode. It is an innovative detection system comprised of a gas cell with two face-to-face silicon detectors typically associated with one or two germanium detectors.

The charge sensitive preamplifier has two input channels, one for each detector. It has a sensitivity of 400 mV/MeV, with positive and negative charge pulses accepted and an energy output in the range of ±3.5 V on a 50 Ω termination foreseen. It is especially designed to be used with the PIPSBOX where very low noise is required.

Product manufactured using CEA technology.

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