Waste Incinerators

Energy from Waste (EFW) plants are becoming generally accepted as a very attractive way of dealing with household and industrial waste.

Lynx High Temperature Color Camera Series

Lynx color camera with integrated diagnostics and on-screen alarm notifications. Compact and cost-effective, ideal for multiple viewing station installations.

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Lynx High Temperature Color Camera Series

Lynx color camera with integrated iris to allow image brightness levels to be finely controlled. Oblique angle lens option makes installation through walls much easier.

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M215 S™
Spyrometer™ 4 Dual Imaging IR Pyrometer Processor

Spyrometer processor unit which provides the operator interface to M555™ cameras. Outputs of key temperature measurements and OPC datalink. Dual-input version also available.

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Safely removes imaging systems from high temperature environments, such as cement kilns and coolers, to protect them from serious heat damage.

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High Temperature Spyrometer™

Spyrometer for video imaging with integrated multiple zone temperature measurement. Links to M215™ processor to allow operators to analyse measurement data on screen.

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Remote Auto Iris Controller

Allows the operator to make level adjustments to the Lynx camera auto-iris from the control room.

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Two Stage Air Filter

Two-Stage Air Filter helps to provide clean camera cooling air in industrial environments. The M408 filter is used in applications where there is a higher air contaminate content level and where local control and regulation of the air supply to the camera is required.

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