"One meter gets you covered"

WELCOME to the new survey meter era

Next Generation Survey Meter

  1. VERSATILE: One device for covering both daily duties and follow-up response intervention: Wide range version
  2. NAVIGATION: Key features accessible by a click of a button with custom shortcuts: direct access to specific features from the keypad
  3. AWARENESS: Differentiate from a hazard to a danger: dual alarm setpoint for dose rate and dose
  4. PALM FIT: Small in size but powerful for users
  5. COMMUNICATION: Wireless telemetry for online supervision

A versatile meter to better fit your needs, whatever the market you are working in...

Select the most appropriate meter for you:

And improve your application coverage with external probes...

The RDS-32 meter leverages all RDS legacy probes and the entire fleet of CSP probes making it a one size fits all solution for many applications.

If you would like to discover more


This video gives you an overview of the RDS-32 capabilities including probes extended use

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Keypad Use

This short video explores keypad specifics for easy and quick use of the RDS-32 meter

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This short video shows how to setup alarm setpoints on the RDS-32 meter and its alarm behavior

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This short video explains the use of scaler/timer function with external alpha/beta probe

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Telemetry North America

This short video shows the telemetry capabilities of the RDS-32 meter with 900 MHz transmission module

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Telemetry Europe and Asia

This short video shows the telemetry capabilities of the RDS-32 meter with 2.4 GHz transmission module

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