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Large Area Mapping Using ISOCS and Geostatistics

Scenario generated from the ORNL scrap measurement campaign and Envisol’s geostatistical analysis of data


  • NDA Characterization of Five Metal Scrap Piles at K-770 building (40,000 tons total)
  • Metal accumulated from Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant from 1965–1985
  • Quantification of low-enriched uranium and trace concentrations of Cs-137 and Co-60

Key Drivers:

  • Significantly reducing costs by using innovative techniques
  • Increasing characterization flexibility without degrading data quality
  • Minimizing the safety risks of direct personnel contact with the scrap metal
  • Localizing areas of potential concern on a 2D map

Instruments & Techniques Used:

  • Germanium detector with WIDE (150 degree) field-of-view collimator and ISOCS
  • ENVISOL data analysis and interpretation using Geostatistics methodology
  • 2D mapping of contaminated areas

235U contamination map

238U contamination map


  • CANBERRA/ENVISOL teaming approach to provide an innovative and integrated solution using ISOCS measurements combined with geostatistics
  • Avoid sampling method and off-site analysis with ISOCS direct measurement method (10-20 inches measurement depth)
  • Provide visual result of contamination localization
    • Evaluation of the financial risk of the project with a precise estimate of the incurred decontamination costs


  • Characterization and contamination mapping of 3 steel piles, 2 aluminum piles for a total of 40,000 tons
  • The project was completed in seven weeks, achieving a 38% reduction in total project duration compared to standard method
  • Analysis turnaround times less than one day, compared with 14 days expected for sampling, shipping, and laboratory analyses
  • ENVISOL and CANBERRA provided the most accurate characterization while optimizing all costs incurred, achieving 70% reduction in characterization costs compared to standard method

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