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iPix Gamma Camera


Our goal is to provide our customers with a great tool to better analyze identified hot spots and, as an example, confirm needs for biological protection placement with adequate thickness and continue to support ALARA principles on numerous Health Physics duties daily.

iPIX-NID connects easily to iPIX accessories plate and provides users with clear understanding of radionuclides presence with no need of any spectroscopic knowledge. It helps to invest necessary time to create a good quality image of hot spots.

iPIX-NID does not require a user to look at the spectrum: a dashboard displays a NID (Nuclide identification) summary with confidence level. However, the spectrum can also be displayed on a specific window with spectroscopic traditional tools for those who need more than a simple NID list. The spectrum can be exported to be analyzed in Genie™ spectroscopy software.

iPIX new algorithm and/or iPIX-NID are not just additional features, they convert the iPIX gamma camera into a DECISION MAKER.

New iPIX algorithm includes three energy regions of interest (ROI) discriminator that is used in reprocessing to create energy band related images. Therefore, a user can now create a low, medium or high energy mapping to better support the worker’s protection decisions and actions.

New iPIX software is available free of charge and is easy to install on an existing iPIX computer. It will make your iPIX unit quicker to detect using the new construction algorithm.


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